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SENCHA "URESHINO" is a steamed tamaryokucha (coiled green tea) made from tea leaves that are finely curled up in a slightly rolled shape similar to a comma instead of the usual needle-like shape seen in most senchas. Tamaryokucha, a steamed method, is now the mainstream in Saga and Ureshino, which used to be the production center for kamairicha. This tea has traits of both kamairicha and sencha, and has a beautiful deep dark green color. It has a notable umami flavor that is present when made as hot or as iced tea. (Only available in limited quantity)

 *The Best Before date of  SENCHA "URESHINO" is 03/2021. ALL SALES FINAL.


How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup>

Amount of tea leaves 4-5g (0.17oz)
Water temperature  167-176°F (75-80℃)
Brewing time 1-1.5min