About Our Products

World Tea Specialty Store "LUPICIA"

LUPICIA offers more than 400 kinds of fresh teas throughout the year, ranging from seasonal teas to our original blends and flavored teas. We invite you to journey into the fascinating world of tea with LUPICIA.


In order to ensure freshness, we pack most of our teas in 50-gram packages filled with nitrogen. There are also tin-packed teas suitable for gifts or for storage. (10-teabag packages are also available for some items.) 



Tea classification and color of labels


Red: traditional black tea 

Orange: flavored black tea 

Dark Green: traditional oolong, white, and green teas 

Light Green: flavored oolong, white, and green teas 

Yellow: non-caffeine (flavored and traditional) herbal tea


Plantation Specified / Seasonal & Limited

Teas available seasonally or in limited quantities. You can fully enjoy the season's best taste.

Plantation Specified
Tea produced in specific plantations and regions. Enjoy the specific character of these regional offerings. 

Original Blend
Standard tea leaves from one or more regions and/or plantations which are blended, producing a well-balanced tea with a new unique flavor and aroma. 

Flavored Tea
Teas infused with an array of fruits, flowers and other flavors that complement certain characteristics of the tea creating a new taste sensation.

Wellness Tea
Wellness blends like rooibos, honeybush and chamomile, are crafted carefully for caffeine-free enjoyment without sacrificing flavor.
*Some herbs are said best avoided during pregnancy. We recommend consulting your physician before consuming certain products. 


Grades of Tea (black teas)

Tea leaves are sorted by size and categorized by each grade.

FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe)
Found at branch tip

OP (Orange Pekoe)
The 2nd leaf from from the tip of the stem

The 3rd bud on the stem used in most black teas

The 4th bud from branch tip

A larger leaf found on the 5th bud from the branch tip

TGFOP (Tippy Golden FOP)
Superior-grade FOP

A finer grade TGFOP

The very best of FTGFOP

BPS (Broken Pekoe Souchong)
A type of Pekoe Souchong

BP (Broken Pekoe)
A broken-type of Pekoe

BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)
A broken-type of Orange Pekoe

BOPF (BOP Fanning)
A stronger flavored BOP

TGFBOP (Tippy Golden FBOP)
The finest broken type tea

CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl)
The tea leaves are crushed, torn, and curled