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A selection of 15 individually packaged teas in convenient tea bags. Featuring six of our sakura flavors and a variety of other popular teas, packaged in a cube-shaped gift box. The gorgeous drawer-style box can continue to be used as a container for storing small items, after you have finished enjoying the teas inside. (Only available in limited quantity)


The package is designed with cherry blossoms in a modern Japanese style featuring the auspicious pattern of  "Ichimatsu moyou" (checkerboard).  It is also gorgeously decorated with plenty of gold leaf.


5604 Sakura & Berry
5701 Cerisier
5804 Sakura
8810 Sakura Houji
8811 Sakura Vert
9221 Sakura Rooibos
4400 Nilgiri, BOP
5012 Assam CTC
5110 La Belle Epoque
5201 Earl Grey
5648 Merci mille fois
7005 Golden Osmanthus
7401 Sencha Chiran
8284 Momo Vert
8834 Matcha Black Soybean Rice Tea


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