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ROOIBOS POIRE is a non-caffeine green rooibos blend scented with the exquisite "La France" pear, which is called the queen of pears because of its mellow scent and melting sweetness. The sweet and soft taste unique to the La France variety is complemented by the mellow taste of green rooibos and can be enjoyed not only as a hot tea but also as iced tea. For a fun way to enjoy this tea that you can enjoy at a home party, try a tea soda by adding carbonated water or, use it to make a tea jelly.  (Only available in limited quantity)


How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup>

Amount of tea leaves 2.5-3g (0.10oz)
Water temperature  Boiling water
Brewing time 3-5min.