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Anyone can easily enjoy the delicious combination of matcha and milk using these convenient mixes, in popular fall flavors made with Uji matcha. Autumn themed package includes 2 Plain, 1 Caramel, and 1 Chestnut flavored Matcha Au Lait packets. (Available in limited quantity) 

Warm autumnal hues of this year's packaging, combined with tones inspired by the taste of matcha with milk, brings us a sense of the change in season as fall approaches.

Follow the instructions to mix packet contents with milk, briefly heat in the microwave, and stir well for a warm and rich drink with the scent of authentic Uji matcha.

  • These blends contain sugar and/or milk.
  • The Best Before date of this product is 01/2023. ALL SALES FINAL. Because this product contains delicate ingredients, it has a shorter shelf life than other teas. To enjoy the best flavor, we recommend consuming this product as soon as possible and storing the package in a cool area.