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Convenient tea bags packed in mini tins, featuring Sakura black tea, Sakura Vert green tea and fruity Sakura & Berry black tea.  A nice gift for introducing different styles of sakura tea to a friend. Five (5) tea bags (not individually wrapped) in each mini tin, only available in limited quantity.

This year's packaging features cherry blossoms and an auspicious arabesque pattern that represents prosperity and longevity, creating a gorgeous, yet chic package. The spring inspired design brings out the elegance of the brightly colored miniature tins, perfect for a seasonal gift.

(Approximate dimensions of package : 3 1/4" x  6 1/3" x 1 1/8", diameter of tins: 3") 

※The Best Before date of of this product is the end of 07/2024. ALL SALES FINAL.

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