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SUNGMA FTGFOP1 2022-DJ3 is a first flush Darjeeling that harmonizes its rich and deep fruity aroma with a smooth, sweet flavor. Along with the unique sustained richness in taste, the light and brisk aroma will linger in your mouth, making it a perfect cup of tea. Recommended for Darjeeling lovers who prefer a richer, medium-bodied first flush. The low astringency makes this a good choice for a great iced tea, perfect for this time of year.  Only available in 40g (1.41oz) packages, in limited quantity.

SUNGMA tea estate is located in Rung Bong Valley, about 16 miles southwest of Darjeeling Town, at an altitude of 3,440 to 5,740 ft. The cool environment in the high altitude creates a high chance of fog, making perfect conditions to cultivate a high quality tea. Known to perfect the balance of the tea’s luxurious and mature aromas, this plantation is highly renowned even among tea connoisseurs.

How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup> Infusion: 1-2 cups

 Amount of tea leaves
  3 - 3.5g (0.12oz)
 Water temperature 
 185 - 203 ? (85 - 95?)
 Brewing time
  2 - 2.5 minutes