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NATSUKOÏ is a summer-limited black tea flavored with fresh squeezed lemons. Makes a perfect iced tea! Only available in limited quantity. **Limited design tins for NATSUKOÏ are only available containing a 40g loose leaf tea pack.


The design is based on the image of young love in summer that is sunny and bright like the fresh lemons in the basket. With a bounty of fresh lemons in the background, the silhouette and foil stamping express a nostalgic fairy tale memory of summer love. 

Because this product contains delicate ingredients, it has a shorter shelf life than other teas. To enjoy the best flavor, we recommend consuming this tea as soon as possible and storing the package in a cool area. The essential oils in this tea may stain certain materials. Please refrain from using plastic containers, for the tea leaves or brewed tea, to prevent discoloration.