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HAVUKAL FROST TEA 2020  is the finest seasonal Nilgiri black tea with a fruity aroma which reminds you of white sangria.


Havukal estate lies on the eastern slope of the Nilgiri hills in Southern India at an altitude of 5500 to 6000ft above sea level. A family owned garden started in the early 1900s with favorable conditions such as cold mornings and evenings, dry winter and fog.

Frost tea is usually made during the very limited period of December-February, when the temperature in Nilgiri is lowest. Using only leaves that were carefully hand-picked, the tea-making process takes place at dawn when the temperature is the lowest in the day, producing luxuriously aromatic teas.

This year's frost tea has a sweet scent that reminds us of sangria, a fruity white wine drink, as the winter temperature was lower than usual. We recommend brewing this with slightly lower water temperature for 4-5 minutes (as stated on the package) to bring out the best flavor. (Only available in limited quantity)