6507 SHINCHA 2019 KAMAIRICHA "GOKASE"-Tea master Yoichi Korogi

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SHINCHA, the "first-pick" of the spring harvest from Tea master Mr. Yoichi Korogi. Enjoy the bracing and fresh aroma. Only limited quantities are available. 

KAMAIRI-CHA means roasted tea leaves in an iron pot, and the method to make Kamairicha was originated from China to Kyushu, the southwest of mainland Honshu. This tea is mainly consumed in Kyushu, therefore, Kamairicha is considered to be a rare exceptional tea in Japan. 

The Kamairicha that Mr. Korogi makes earns outstanding reputation as his traditional method produced exquisite aroma in tea. He has received countless honorable awards, including by the Japanese Government, for his Kamairicha.