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AMBOOTIA, FTGFOP1 2021-DJ1 is spring-picked Darjeeling that has a refreshing taste reminiscent of freshly picked fruit and a lush scent heralding the season’s arrival. The lively taste unique to spring is recommended for times when you want to refresh yourself. Also an excellent companion to sweets and baked goods. Only available in limited quantity.

Ambootia Tea Estate was founded in 1861, and is located in Kurseong at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Darjeeling, India. It is well known in Europe as a famous garden producing high quality tea leaves. The name of the tea garden means "the place of the mango trees". Although it was once destroyed by fire, a new state-of-the-art factory was built and restarted at the end of June 2015.


How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup> Infusion: 1-2 cups

 Amount of tea leaves
  3 - 3.5g (0.12oz)
 Water temperature 
 185 - 203 ℉ (85 - 95℃)
 Brewing time
  2 - 2.5 minutes