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ASSAM QUALITY "THÉ AU LAIT" 2022  is a LUPICIA original blend perfect for milk tea, using only Assam summer-picked black tea which has the most assertive and robust taste of the year's harvests. Carefully selected and blended using tea leaves with a sweet, rich flavor unique to the season, with a lively brisk scent that captures the aroma of the tea garden in summer. (Only available in limited quantity)

By adding milk and sugar, you can enjoy a delicious milk tea with a rich taste and lively aroma. Excellent compatibility with buttery baked goods and sweets such as chocolate.

How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup> Infusion: 1-2 cups

 Amount of tea leaves
  2.5 - 3g (0.10oz)
 Water temperature 
  Boiling water
 Brewing time
  1 - 2 minutes