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We are happy to present our seasonal black tea flavor SWEET ORANGE, blended with a bright, sweet orange scent!

Nilgiri black tea which goes well with citrus fruits is enhanced with a fresh orange aroma and taste. Its refreshing flavor and clean aftertaste is recommended for year-round enjoyment, as a refreshing iced tea in summer or served hot with honey in winter. 

The colorful design depicts the image of a lively marché (market) with fresh fruits bathed in sunlight. The vivid and eye-catching design of fresh oranges makes it a great seasonal gift. Only available in seasonal design tins (containing 50g of loose leaf tea), in limited quantity.

※The Best Before date of this product is the end of 02/2024. ALL SALES FINAL. 

The essential oils in this tea may stain certain materials. Please refrain from using plastic containers, for the tea leaves or brewed tea, to prevent discoloration.


How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup> Infusion: 1-2 cups

 Amount of tea leaves
  2.5 - 3g (0.10oz)
 Water temperature 
  Boiling water
 Brewing time
  2.5 - 3 minutes
  • Ingredients: Black tea, Orange peel(orange peel, sugar, reduced sugar syrup, vitamin C), Flavorings