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The gourd-shaped teaspoon is one of the most popular cherry bark crafted items. Since ancient times in Japan, the gourd has been considered a very good omen and has been widely used as a lucky charm to ward off disasters and protect against evil.

The flower petal pattern on this tea scoop is also handcrafted by artisans. A cherry blossom-shaped die is used to cut out the wood and pasted together.

A hand-crafted cherry bark tea scoop made with "Kabazaiku", traditional woodcraft arts, from the DENSHIRO brand which has almost 200 years of expertise in crafting authentic cherry bark ware. Made in the most popular form of "Sakurazaiku", it is a traditional craft product specially produced in Kakudate Town, Akita Prefecture of Japan.


Due to the use of natural materials, please note that the knot patterns on each piece may vary. Also, the color and texture may look different from the actual product depending on the photo-shooting conditions and the screen of your computer or smartphone.


  • Approximate size: (L) 3.46 inch x (W) 1.3 inch
  • Material: Sakura (cherry blossom) tree bark
  • Made in Japan
  • 1 scoopful = approx. 2g / 0.07oz (may vary depending on the type of tea leaves)