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PURE DARJEELING BLEND "MAGNOLIA" 2023 The luxurious use of carefully picked silver tips brings out the rich floral and sweet aroma of this superlative blend. Recommended for those who prefer a flowery aroma and mellow taste, with a touch of astringency in the finish.

LUPICIA’s original blend of spring-picked tea was created in hopes of introducing and popularizing the highest quality Darjeeling first flush among our customers. From the spring harvest of 2023, extremely rare lots that emerged with the finest floral aroma were carefully selected. In addition to its gorgeous aroma, this year's blend has a particularly appealing flavor with a gentle, mellow sweetness. Its large, carefully crafted tea leaves contain an abundance of silver buds, making it a great gift for a loved one.

Available in limited quantity, only in 25g (0.88oz) packages.


How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup> Infusion: 1-2 cups

 Amount of tea leaves
  3 - 3.5g (0.12oz)
 Water temperature 
 185 - 203°F (85 - 95°C)
 Brewing time
  2 - 2.5 minutes