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TAIWAN POUCHONG 2020 is a Taiwanese oolong tea with a pleasant greenish and flowery scent reminiscent of lily of the valley, and a dignified taste similar to green tea.  Available in limited quantity.  (Only available in 25g loose leaf packs) 

It is a traditional type of oolong tea made in one of the oldest tea producing areas in Taiwan, Pinglin Township in the northern part of Taiwan. A manufacturing method handed down and honed since 1881 creates a flower-like scent from the tea leaves themselves, without adding flowers to the tea.


How to brew this tea <One 150ml(5.0fl oz) cup>         Infusion: 2-3 cups

Amount of tea leaves  5g (0.17oz)                                        
Water temperature  Boiling Water
Brewing time 45 seconds-1 minute.