Green Tea - with Herbs

with Herbs

In both East and West, drinks brewed from tealeaves and other plant leaves and seeds have been used as medicines since ancient times.

LUPICIA has created and manufactured teas to support a healthy lifestyle based on traditional recipes using medicinal herbs and aromatic therapy, by blending herbs and grains with teas or by simply blending herbs.

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  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids
  • $6.00

KIRARA RICE TEA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

KIRARA RICE TEA is a genmaicha (brown rice tea) made with roasted "Kirara" rice. Kirara is a name of a rice cultivar in Japan and its name signifies the brilliance of snow-white rice grain. The ri...
  • $6.00


MATCHA BLACK SOYBEAN RICE TEA is a blend of genmaicha (rice tea) with Matcha and high-quality black beans. Enjoy the harmony of sweet roasted black beans and mellow matcha. Mame is Japanese for be...
  • $6.00

MATCHA KIRARA RICE TEA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

MATCHA KIRARA RICE TEA is a beautiful blend of green tea and stone-ground matcha, with "Kirara" rice grain and aromatic sticky rice slowly roasted in a traditional iron pot. Enjoy the subtly sweet, r...
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