Tea Gift

Tea Gift

LUPICIA Tea Gifts are a delight for the tea connoisseur and beginning tea drinker alike! Our sets feature a wide variety of Teas, Tins, Mugs and other useful and creative Tea Accessories, making it easy to enjoy and love an extraordinary tea experience. Gift sets that include gift boxes have tax applied.

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  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids
  • $16.00

*Arabian Nights Tea Set

Chill out and sip around the world with delicious ice-cold LUPICIA teas! Enjoy the set of SHEHERAZADE, an Arabian-style mint green tea scented with grapefruit and ARABIAN NIGHTS, an exotic black te...
  • $27.00

*Fruit Punch Kit

This kit is perfect for brewing your own healthy fruit punch GRAPEFRUIT GREEN Green tea flavored with fresh grapefruits makes a refreshing taste. PARADISE is sweet and tart black tea blended wit...
  • $33.00

*Fruity Infusions Tin Sampler

Special designed packaging of three LUPICIA favorites makes for the perfect gift WHITE SANGRIA is a delicious black tea blend inspired by the refreshing aroma of sangria, a white-wine based drink w...
  • $47.00

*Homemade Sweet Tea Kit

Prepare this Southern favorite in the comfort of your own home with a little help from LUPICIA ALPHONSO MANGO: A black tea with an aroma like the king of mango, Alphonso Mango. Enjoy the meltingly ...
  • $17.00

*Summer Evening Tea Set

Chill out and sip around the world with delicious ice-cold LUPICIA teas! Enjoy the set of AMANATSU OOLONG, a refreshing Taiwanese oolong scented with sweet & tart Japanese orange and RAMUNE, a Japa...
  • $16.00


LUPICIA's 15 Tea Bag Set is the perfect introduction to the world of LUPICA Fresh tea. Set includes: 4520 Uva Highlands BOP, 5000 Darjeeling 1st Flush, 5101 Afternoon Tea, 5202 Breakfast Earl Grey, 52...
  • $28.00


LUPICIA's 30 Tea Bag Set is the perfect introduction to the world of LUPICA Fresh tea. Set includes: 4520 Uva Highlands BOP, 5001 Darjeeling 2nd Flush, 5010 Assam Calcutta Auction, 5030 Keemun Queen's...
  • $40.00

Best of California Gift Set

Savor the delicious flavors of the Golden State Te De Frutas The fresh picked fruit of a California farmer?fs market comes to life in this decaffeinated yet vibrant black tea blend. Rose and heath ...
  • $53.00

Blooming Tea Gift Set

Brew beautiful blooming teas in your own home with this gift set THE MARI 5 ITEM BOX SET This beautiful boxed set includes 5 exquisite blooming teas. These craft teas have such an elegant aroma of ...
  • $16.00

Cherry & Berry Gift Set

Tart cherries accent berry flavored Tokio tea TOKIO is a green tea delicately flavored with sweet berries. This beautiful tea with marigold petals has a very crisp taste which appeals to everyone, ...
  • $29.00

Convenient Matcha Gift Set

Convenient and delicious Matchaway makes a great gift for those on the go MATCHAWAY APPLE Matcha blend is flavored with a juicy aroma of crisp Japanese apples. The authentic taste of matcha is now ...
  • $22.50

Discover Black Tea Set

Three popular black tea blends for your enjoyment MOMO is black tea scented with fresh white peaches. Peach leaves are blended for an added fruitiness. A great choice for making iced tea. SAKURA...
  • $23.00

Discover Green Tea Set

Three of LUPICIA's top-selling green teas! GRAPEFRUIT GREEN is our popular green tea blend scented with refreshing grapefruits. This tea has a mature taste with pleasant subtle bitterness of the fr...
  • $26.00

Discover Non/Low Caffeine Tea Set

A selection of teas the whole family can enjoy! DECAF MUSCAT is a sweet blend of black tea scented with fresh muscat grapes. The tea leaves are decaffeinated using a special technique. Safe for chi...
  • $37.50

Discover Oolong Tea Set

A nice introduction to the world of oolong tea TIKUANYIN Oolong tea from Fujian province has a rich taste and sweet aroma. MELON OOLONG A great combination of juicy melons and aromatic Taiwanese...
  • $13.00

Earl Grey & Orange Petit Gift

Sweet orange flavor perfectly complements the bergamot of Earl Grey EARL GREY is said to be the origin of all flavored teas, and this is our orthodox blend made with Keemun tea. Try with a slice of...
Out of stock
  • $44.00

Elegant Bouquet Gift Set

Give an elegant tea bouquet to someone special LOVE A dignified red lily blooms underneath a wreath of beautiful white flowers, expressing our wishes for love and peace. PLEASURE A gorgeous butt...
  • $19.00

Elegant Rose Gift Set

Petit gift for someone special ROSE ROYAL A black tea with enchanting aromas of sparkling wine and sweet strawberries. LUPICIA's Signature tea. This limited gift set includes Rose Royal 10 teaba...
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