Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea has been enjoyed since ancient times in China (the origin of tea) and Japan, where it is most frequently drunk. Green tea has also gained in popularity among Europeans and Americans in recent years for its health-giving properties.

When water is added to green tea leaves, the resulting beverage retains the color of the freshly-picked leaves. Green tea therefore offers an even fresher, more natural flavor.

Green teas are categorized according to type and production method, and flavors vary. In general, however, green tea is made in China by roasting the tealeaves in a pot, offering a refreshing, aromatic flavor. In Japan, the green tealeaves are steamed, producing a sweet, delicate flavor.

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  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids
  • $6.00

MATCHA KIRARA RICE TEA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

MATCHA KIRARA RICE TEA is a beautiful blend of green tea and stone-ground matcha, with "Kirara" rice grain and aromatic sticky rice slowly roasted in a traditional iron pot. Enjoy the subtly sweet, r...
  • $10.00

MOMO VERT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

A high-quality Japanese sencha scented with sweet and juicy Japanese white peaches. The fruity finish of white peach and the flavor of elegant and refined sencha are superb, whether the tea is hot or ...
  • $9.00

MOMOKO 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Luscious peach and sweet vanilla green tea captures the enchanting nature of a graceful Japanese beauty.
  • $9.00

NAPA BLANC 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Produced in the spirit of the California wine country, this green tea blend sparkles with the flavor of muscat grapes, bright jasmine and the finesse of a well-balanced white wine.
  • $8.50

PARADISE GREEN 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Japanese green tea sprinkled with island flowers and the sweet aroma of a day in the tropics. It's paradise in a cup.
  • $8.50

SAKURAMBO VERT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

A blend of our high-quality green tea with a fresh aroma of Japanese cherries. Cute red peppercorns add a nice contrast to the dark green tea leaves. Great served iced, refreshing flavor.
  • $10.50

SENCHA CHIRAN 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

SENCHA CHIRAN is produced in Chiran city, Kagoshima. This tea is known to have a gentle mouthfeel and an aroma with a hint of sweet potatoes. Enjoy its characteristic mild flavor and beautiful ligh...
  • $8.50

SENCHA MATSURI 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

SENCHA MATSURI is a full-bodied sencha with a gentle mouthfeel. This tea is made with "Yabukita" cultivar, a typical cultivar grown in Japan. The leaves were steamed three times longer than the regu...
  • $14.00

SENCHA UJI 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

SENCHA UJI is a high quality first flush Yabukita sencha from Souraku, Kyoto. The dark green leaves have a deep, sophisticated aroma which is a distinctive characteristic of teas produced in Uji. ...
  • $11.50

SENCHA URESHINO 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Green tea produced in Ureshino, Saga prefecture makes a deep-colored tea.
  • $7.50

STRAWBERRY & VANILLA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

STRAWBERRY & VANILLA is a superb green tea & matcha blend scented with tart strawberries and sweet vanilla. Brew it longer and try with milk. Its elegant, sweet fragrance is quite exquisite.
  • $7.50

TOKIO 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

TOKIO is a green tea delicately flavored with sweet berries. This beautiful tea with marigold petals has a very crisp taste which appeals to everyone, and is one of our best selling items. It's delic...
  • $7.00

TSUGARU GREEN (apple green tea) 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

TSUGARU GREEN is Japanese green tea scented with luscious San-Tsugaru, a popular Japanese apple grown in Aomori Prefecture. The tea has characteristic crisp aroma and subtly sweet flavor.
Out of stock
  • $7.50

UME VERT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Fresh plum flavor makes this quality Japanese tea even more appealing.
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