International Milk Tea Recipes

International Milk Tea Recipes

Icon Description
  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids

GOOD MORNING 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • GOOD MORNING is a great “wake-up” blend of rejuvenating African black tea and powerful Assam leaves. It’s delicious straight or with milk. Start your perfect morning with this energizing tea!
  • $8.50


  • An exquisite matcha drink made with an elegant, highly aromatic matcha from Uji, Kyoto. Just add milk to this matcha au lait mixture. A rich milky taste with a light astringency and a sweet aftertast...
  • $9.00
Laphet Yay – MYANMAR

ASSAM CTC 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • This is a LUPICIA original blend using only characteristic CTC (Crush, Teat and Curl) Assam leaves, which yield rich, sweet flavor with less steeping time. The tea goes very well with milk, and is ...
  • $7.00

ORZO 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • Cultivated since the ancient Roman times, the barley beverage - Orzo, when brewed to a slow boil, yields a deep and full-bodied texture and taste with a mild sweetness. Excellent with milk or with any...
  • $7.00
Chocolat chaud – FRANCE

*MARRON CHOCOLAT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • MARRON CHOCOLAT is a flavored black tea inspired by unskinned chestnuts simmered in brandy. Sweetness of chestnuts and mild astringency of chestnut skin will enhance the rich, deep aroma of roasted c...
  • $8.00

BREAKFAST EARL GREY 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • BREAKFAST EARL GREY is made with broken leaves and has a robust, full flavor. This is perfect for those who prefer drinking Earl Grey with milk. Try convenient tea bags for easy brewing, they’re perfe...
  • $6.50
Sahlab – EGYPT

ENGLISH CARAMEL 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • ENGLISH CARAMEL is a mature blend of black tea scented with bittersweet caramel. This tea goes very well with plenty of milk and sugar, but tastes very delicious taken straight with a piece of chocol...
  • $7.00

VANILLA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • VANILLA is a black tea blend with finely chopped vanilla beans. It has a light and delicate flavor and aroma. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world, next to saffron. Its sweet sc...
  • $7.00
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