LUPICIA x Paul and Pippa

LUPICIA x Paul and Pippa
Icon Description
  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids

GRAPEFRUIT GREEN 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • GRAPEFRUIT GREEN is our popular green tea blend scented with refreshing grapefruits. This tea has a mature taste with pleasant subtle bitterness of the fruit.
  • $7.00

NILGIRI, BOP 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • NILGIRI, BOP is a blend of broken type tea leaves from Nilgiri, South India. Its mild mouthfeel and slight astringency appeal to broad range of tea drinkers.
  • $7.00

ROSE ROYAL 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • ROSE ROYAL is an elegant black tea blend scented with strawberries and sparkling wine. This is one of our signature flavored teas.
  • $8.00

STRAWBERRY & VANILLA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • STRAWBERRY & VANILLA is a superb green tea & matcha blend scented with tart strawberries and sweet vanilla. Brew it longer and try with milk. Its elegant, sweet fragrance is quite exquisite.
  • $7.50

COOKIE 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • COOKIE is a sweet-scented black tea inspired by caramel cookies hot out of the oven. Finely-chopped almonds are blended to add extra flavor. It may sound sweet, but the flavor is delightfully ligh...
  • $8.00
out of stock

SPICES 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • SPICES is an aromatic blend of Assam tea scented with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and white peppercorns. While the tea has nice spiciness, it is also very soothing. Try this to make a great tasting ...
  • $7.00

*MARRON CHOCOLAT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

  • MARRON CHOCOLAT is a flavored black tea inspired by unskinned chestnuts simmered in brandy. Sweetness of chestnuts and mild astringency of chestnut skin will enhance the rich, deep aroma of roasted c...
  • $8.00
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