LUPICIA x Quince & Apple Gift Sets

LUPICIA x Quince & Apple Gift Sets

Icon Description
  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids
Peach Chamomile

Peachy Keen Gift Set

  • Full of ripened peach flavor, this gift set tastes like summer MOMO is black tea scented with fresh white peaches. Peach leaves are blended for an added fruitiness. A great choice for making iced t...
  • $20.00
Pear with Honey & Ginger

Smooth Sencha & Ginger Gift Set

  • Popular Sencha Matsuri complemented by Pear with Honey & Ginger Preserves SENCHA MATSURI is a full-bodied sencha with a gentle mouthfeel. This tea is made with ?gYabukita?h cultivar, a typical cult...
  • $18.00

Soothing Ginger Gift Set

  • This ginger packed gift set is perfect for your relaxing tea time GINGER TEA is a spicy blend of ginger and African CTC black tea. This tea has a mild mouthfeel and crisp flavor, and is also great ...
  • $20.00
Raspberry Rose

Royal Rose & Raspberry Gift Set

  • Sparkling wine is exquisite with notes of strawberry & raspberry ROSE ROYAL is an elegant black tea blend scented with strawberries and sparkling wine. This is one of our signature flavored teas. ...
  • $21.00
Tart Cherry and White Tea

Cherry & Berry Gift Set

  • Tart cherries accent berry flavored Tokio tea TOKIO is a green tea delicately flavored with sweet berries. This beautiful tea with marigold petals has a very crisp taste which appeals to everyone, ...
  • $16.00
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