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  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids
Fruit Crisps

*Dardimans Hawaiian Pineapple Crisps

  • Crispy fruit slices, one ingredient, simply dehydrated, no added sugars, no preservatives, raw, vegan, kosher, gluten-free Savor the flavor of ripe Hawaiian pineapple any time! Our signature pineap...
  • $3.00

Dardimans Dark Chocolate Drizzled Orange Crisps

  • California oranges are coated in luscious dark chocolate for a fine snacking experience unlike any other. Try with LUPICIA's The Au Chocolat for a decadent tea time.
  • $3.50

Dardimans Lemon Crisps

  • Crispy fruit slices, one ingredient, simply dehydrated, no added sugars, no preservatives, raw, vegan, kosher, gluten-free Lemon crisps are our most tart crisp. Toss them in your water or tea to in...
  • $3.00

Dardimans White Chocolate Drizzled Blood Orange Crisps

  • Delicious California grown blood oranges drizzled with luxurious, creamy white chocolate. This sweet treat is sure to be a showstopper at your next get together.
  • $3.50
Small Batch Preserves

*Quince and Apple "Peach Chamomile" Preserves

  • Ripe peaches steep in rich chamomile tea, creating a luscious preserve with notes of maple, brown butter and wildflower honey. Eat this one straight out of the jar! Or enjoy with your favorite cup ...
  • $3.50

*Quince and Apple "Pear with Honey and Ginger" Preserves

  • Fresh from the orchard, ripe pears and crisp apples luxuriate in lush honey and warm grated ginger. This preserve demands a good pastry - top a croissant, Danish or cider doughnut. Or, stir into yo...
  • $3.50

*Quince and Apple "Raspberry Rose" Preserves

  • Ruby raspberries sparkle in this bright preserve. Lush fruit and floral rose create notes of cherry, punch and lime. Try with LUPICIA's Rose Royal or Sakurambo blends. Top a tart or bring a big ...
  • $3.50

*Quince and Apple "Tart Cherry and White Tea" Preserves

  • Good Food Award Winner 2017 Door County tart cherries float in a delicate jelly of jasmine flowers and white tea. Seductive with a creamy bleu or full-fat soft rind cheese. Dainty on a shortc...
  • $3.50

Paul and Pippa "CoCoa Chips" Biscuits

  • Mmm... this sweet and salty snack is the coolest kid in the family. He has all the urban hipsters and bloggers knocking on his door.
  • $8.50
out of stock

Paul and Pippa "Coconut Valley" Biscuits

  • Coconut seems like an ordinary guy but he's actually a creative genius and it'll rub off on you. Beneath his sweet surface is an inner Casanova-try one and you'll be hooked forever. This biscuit doesn...
  • $8.50

Paul and Pippa "Lime After Time" Biscuits

  • These lime biscuits are very independent. They might play hard to get, but they're too good to resist. Don't judge Paul and Pippa biscuits on their appearance because no two are the same. That's b...
  • $8.50

Paul and Pippa "Organic Apple & Cinnamon" Biscuits

  • Who doesn't love the smell of a freshly baked cake? This taste tandem is a winner. One is sweet and the other spicy.
  • $8.50
out of stock

*Chambre de Sucre Pink and White Sugar Balls

  • Smaller than a marble, but just as smooth, our colorful sugar orbs come in a mixed pastel selection of pink and white. Just like M&M's, the different colors taste the same (Chambre de Sucre uses only ...
  • $8.50

Chambre de Sucre 4 piece Sucre Carre Gift Set

  • One of our signature sugars, this is the memorable Chambre de Sucre spin on the traditional Western sugar cube. Each elevated square is topped with a graceful flower bouquet in a collection of pink, y...
  • $4.50

Chambre de Sucre Umi (Ocean) Sugar

  • Deep blue ocean and green sea creatures. Soft golden sand and sky blue meeting the horizon. We captured all the elements of the ocean and sky we love to create Umi, a sugar collection brimming with do...
  • $7.50

Suss Sweets "Gingerbread Caramel"

  • A holiday favorite. Molasses, ginger & other spices are blended together to give you a caramel version of the classic cookie.
  • $5.50

Suss Sweets "Pumpkin Caramel with Sea Salt"

  • A hint of pumpkin pie spices, sea salt and roasted pepitas give this salty/sweet combo a crunch of roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • $5.50
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