Black Tea - Flavored

Flavored tea refer to teas with added essences of flowers, fruits and spices.

They originated in China, and have been cherished by the Chinese nobility and European people in more recent years.

Some flavored teas incorporate just one flavor, while others blend a number of flavors. Flavored green tea and rooibos tea have been created more recently, in addition to flavored black tea.

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  • Available in tea bags
  • Great with milk
  • Great with lemon
  • Also great as iced tea
  • Non-caffeinated
  • Great for kids
  • $5.50

BREAKFAST EARL GREY 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

BREAKFAST EARL GREY is made with broken leaves and has a robust, full flavor. This is perfect for those who prefer drinking Earl Grey with milk. Try convenient tea bags for easy brewing – they’re p...
  • $6.50

CACHE CACHE 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

CACHE-CACHE means "hide-and-seek" in French. There are a few delicious scents hidden in this cute tea, can you name them all?
  • $7.00

CAROL 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Tea flavored with strawberry and vanilla and elegantly decorated with rose petals.
  • $7.00

CASSIS & BLUEBERRY 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

CASSIS & BLUEBERRY is a fruit-flavored black tea blended with cassis and blueberries. Rich cassis and sweet-and-tart blueberries create a clean, harmonious blend. This tea has a mature flavor; it can...
  • $7.50


Decadent with chocolate on the nose, finishing with the juicy tart flavor of ripe strawberries. The rich flavors of puer tea and chocolate also work wonderfully with milk.
  • $6.00

CINNAMON 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

CINNAMON is an elegant blend of fine black tea scented with exotic cinnamon. Drink with plenty of milk to enjoy its subtle sweetness. Great for making chai, and recommended for those who prefer ma...
  • $7.00

COOKIE 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

COOKIE is a sweet-scented black tea inspired by caramel cookies hot out of the oven. Finely-chopped almonds are blended to add extra flavor. It may sound sweet, but the flavor is delightfully ligh...
  • $7.00

DARUMA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Black tea with refreshing sweet fruit cuts and pink peppers which look like Daruma are added.
  • $7.50

DECAF APPLE TEA 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Decaffeinated black tea scented with fresh, sweet apples and blended with fruits.
  • $8.00

DECAF EARL GREY 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Decaffeinated tealeaves scented with rich bergamot oil.
  • $7.50

DECAF MOMO 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

A decaffeinated black tea flavored with the fruity scent of white peaches produced in Japan.
  • $8.00

DECAF MUSCAT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Decaffeinated tealeaves scented with succulent muscat grapes.
  • $8.00

DECAF SAKURAMBO (cherry) 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Decaffienated black tea flavored with Japanese cherries, which has sweet and fruity aroma.
  • $5.50

EARL GREY 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

EARL GREY is said to be the origin of all flavored teas, and this is our orthodox blend made with Keemun tea. Try with a slice of orange for an elegant tea time. A great companion to baked sweets, i...
  • $7.50

EARL GREY CHOCOLAT 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

A noble aroma of bergamot and sweet chocolate flavor enrich the taste of black tea.
  • $9.50

EARL GREY DARJEELING 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

EARL GREY DARJEELING is made with 100% Darjeeling leaves, based on the traditional recipe by Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, and this is the highest quality Earl Grey we offer. The tea was inspired ...
  • $9.00


With EARL GREY GRAND CLASSIC, we tried to replicate the original Earl Grey blend. Lapsang Souchong (Smoked Tea) is scented with delicate Chinese fruit Longan to create an elegant blend, fit for the ...
Out of stock
  • $6.00

ENGLISH CARAMEL 1.76oz Loose Leaf Tea

Caramel's bittersweet flavor emphasizes the sweetness of tea.
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